3M’s 84-inch Multi-Touch Display [CES 2013]

If you want to really know what 3M is capable of in touchscreen technology, you should see their 84-inch multi touch screen at CES 2013. Of course, the company will also show their other touch screen products, but this one is their main arsenal to attract your eyes on it.

In that 84-inch large screen, the company will show off their ability to scale PCAP electronic and sensor manufacturing by using their latest touch screen technology to reveal true multi-user experience. According to the company, it’s your real large format touch solution for your business to spread your campaign whether it will be used as a multi-touch display wall or interactive table.

The release date and pricing
As this 84-inch multi touch display is only a prototype now, it likely will not so soon enter the market. Perhaps, 3M will launch it for real at the end of this year. The price??