4 Photo Editing Tricks and Tools to Make Social Media Life Easy

Photo Editing Tricks

Are you jealous of people who seem to have perfectly curated Instagram profiles? Those beautiful Instagram grids don’t make themselves! Content creators use photo editing tricks to make their photos pop.
But how can you use those tricks to your advantage? We’re here to help. Keep reading to learn a few photo editing methods so you can start making your photos more appealing.

1. Learn Basic Light Adjustment

In a perfect world, you’d always be able to take photos with the perfect lighting conditions. Your photos would always have that golden hour glow that makes your skin look amazing.
In the real world, it’s not always possible. Sometimes you have to capture a moment in less-than-ideal conditions.
Photo editing tools can help. It’s easy to adjust light levels with many free apps.
Learn to adjust your brightness and contrast. Many people make the mistake of going as far as they can with these tools, but that will make photos look harsh and over-exposed.
Instead, aim for a realistic look. If you want a “vintage” look, you can even lower the contrast to make the photo look faded.

2. Use The Same Filter

Editing colors is more complicated than editing light levels. If you’re looking for a quick way to make sure that your photos look cohesive, using filters is the way to go.
Instagram comes with preset filters, but we recommend using an external app for filters. You can make your own, but many apps have dozens of free filters available that will set your photos apart.
By using the same filter on every photo, you’ll have a similar color scheme throughout your entire grid.

3. Use The Rule of Thirds

Are you familiar with the rule of thirds? It’s a photography technique that puts the subject on the sides of the photo instead of dead-center. This adds more visual interest to the photo.
You don’t have to take the photo in a way that suits the rule of thirds. Instead, look at the photo after it’s taken and use a cropping tool to adjust the photo.
Keep in mind that not all photos have to follow this rule. It’s okay to have a subject in the center in photos like portraits.

4. Edit Large, Then Resize

It’s best to edit your photos while they’re still in their largest form and then resize them later. This will make the edited photos look more natural editing while photos are large will give you more flexibility.
This is extra important when you’re trying to edit out blemishes or defects. If you do it before you resize a jpg online, the blur will be obvious.

Use These Photo Editing Tricks For Your Next Social Media Post

These photo editing tricks are simple enough for beginners with free editing software. Once you’ve mastered them, start looking into professional editing tools and photo editing tutorials if you want to enhance your skills!
You can make your Instagram feed pop with a few small tricks!
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