3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Business Video Content

Every business stands to benefit from creating video content, and its potential to engage viewers is second to none. However although it is easier than ever to create videos nowadays, making sure they are effective does still require careful planning and execution.

In particular when you start to create business video content, you should try to avoid some of the more common mistakes that could limit your videos’ effectiveness:

– Creating videos that are far too long and with too many messages
Every video that you create should ideally be focused on a single message, and try to deliver that message in as clear and concise a manner as possible. Multiple messages will work at cross-purposes, and often just end up distracting the viewer.
The longer your videos are the more likely they are to lose viewers, which is why it is important they are concise. The optimal length for video content can vary, but by keeping them as short as possible you can slowly experiment and figure out what your audience prefers.

– Overlooking the audio quality
It is important that your business video quality is impeccable, as each video will reflect on your brand. The one area of the video quality that is often overlooked however is the quality of the audio that is recorded.
In short you should always remember that the audio is part of parcel of your video, and its quality should be crisp and clear. Using a good microphone to record the audio in a quiet setting without any background noise is a good start – and subsequently you should edit and improve it alongside your video.
Another option is to strip away the recorded audio completely, and replace it with background music – but that may not be possible for all types of business videos.

– Not adding a strong call to action in the video
Every piece of business video content that you publish must have a strong call to action. That call to action should help you to achieve the goal that you have in mind for the video, whether it is to generate traffic for your website, promote a product, build brand awareness, or anything else for that matter.
Simply put your video needs to point viewers towards the next step that you want them to take – and then give them a compelling reason why they should take that step.

Keep in mind there are lots of ways that you can create business video content aside from conventional video, such as screen recording, slideshows, or even animation. The mistakes listed above apply to all of them universally however, and for example you should try to avoid them even if you’re using Movavi Video Editor as a picture movie maker.

Although there are lots of factors that will determine whether or not your video content can achieve its goals – avoiding the mistakes listed above is a good start. In fact it is safe to say they will make a significant difference, and one that you will likely be able to see reflected in your conversion rate.