Sony NV-U74T Nav-u GPS Navigation System Show You the Real Road!

It is a more powerful GPS device compared to NV-U44. It shows you the real road. Yes of course, both of them show you a real direction, but this new device comes with Real Time Traffic Information radio reception. Moreover, its big screen, a 4.3-inch high-brightness anti-glare touch-screen surely will suit more your eyes with bigger images, right?

In short, this Nav-u navigation device brings all of features of NV-U44, such: TTS, dual view-3D junction guide, and photo viewer. However, it’s not end at that point. It also equips Bluetooth wireless technology that enables your Smartphone to be integrated into the system. Thus, you could do handsfree calls. The Super suction cup mount suit you more for easy attach onto any device-surface.

Fashioned in sleek design with black color finish, Sony NV-U74T GPS navigation system is available now at market in MSRP 299.99. So, where will we go, bro? Did I mention North American map?