New Apple 16GB iPod Touch, a good move or a fool move?

Recently Apple has unveiled a new entry model on their iPod Touch family, 16GB iPod Touch. It has USD 70 cheaper price, USD 229, compared to the 32GB model. That USD 70 cheaper price doesn’t only cut the half of the storage capacity but also making a 5MP iSight rear camera disappear. By carrying the same specs and design as the other 5-generation iPod Touch (dual-core A5 processor, 4-inch Retina IPS display, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, etc), Short of, with that $70 cheaper price, you have a 32GB 5-generation iPod Touch model with half storage capacity (16GB) without an iSight rear camera.

So, what you have in mind, it’s a good move or a fool move. At glace, it’s a good move. The $70 cut price is making this new iPod Touch has a good ability to catch low-pocket customers who running away from the 32GB and 64GB iPod Touch models. However, we should consider also that the portable media player‘s market as this one is no longer as potential as 5 years ago. And when we compare to other smart devices that can also has multimedia abilities such as smartphone and tablet PCs, and others competitor’s multimedia players at right now market, the $229 price tag is not considered as cheap, right?

The release date and pricing
As mentioned above, this Apple 16GB iPod Touch is having $229 price tag, and it’s already available now at Apple store in only silver color. So, it’s a good move or a fool move, share your thought!