Enjoying your MP3/WMA contents and radio channels while biking on the night, Energy Bike Music Box!

Coming with 120 lm LED flashlight with bike mounting, this new music player, Energy Bike Music Box, gives you clear path on your night biking while also offering a rich-nice sound quality of your MP3/WMA stored files and favorite radio channels to your ears through 3W speakers or headphone with 7 different equalization modes.

Despite the fact that the LED flashlight integrated enables for providing a comfortable biking all day night, due to its only bring a 500 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery, likely you need to bring additional batteries or a portable charger if you want to always on this music player while on biking. As note, it can be recharged through USB port.

Related to the storage capacity, the Energy Bike relies on solely on the memory card, up to 32GB microSD/SDHC card.

Energy-bike-music-box-sexy-duo-flashlightThe release date and pricing
Dressed in cute-compact design with two-tone color, Energy Bike Music Box is going to hit market on March 7, 2013 for MSRP 24.90 Euro or around $34.99 in two color options : black-silver and black-green. Do you like biking?