Samsung YP-U7 MP3 player, will it come to US?

This MP3 player, YP-U7, have entered European market five month ago. With the announcement of its availability soon at Korean market, it likely is giving signal that this thin MP3 player will also going to hit other regions. Will it come to US?

By no count on some comments that its USB interface made this player uglier compared to the U6, it’s still showing a sexy design as well as the USB cap is decorated well by cute exterior shape. Depending on the same UI interface as U6 on 1-inch 128 x 64 TFT screen, 4GB flash memory and SoundLive sound system, this YP-U7 could store up to 3,000 your favorite audio files and loud it in rich-clear sound.

With no availability of microphone feature,  will the YP-U7 have any chance to compete with Sony walkman and other music players in its class at US market?

Samsung-YP-U7-sexy-pinkThe release date and pricing
Fashioned in 2.6(W) x 8.59(H) x 0.97(D) with 24.8g, Samsung YP-U7 is going to hit Korean market soon in three color options : black, white-silver and pink. Based on the Amazon UK, the U7 is set at around $49.99. Will it come to US?