5 apps for big buys: Android only!

I find myself using my phone to shop more and more often these days. Whenever I have a free moment, I’m using apps to browse ecommerce pages – particularly for large purchases like homes or cars when I really need to be sure before I spend my money.

Apps are useful for this kind of thing because they present a lot of options that you can scroll through when you’re waiting for a friend or just sitting on the bus. As an Android user, though, I get frustrated when the best apps are only available on Apple phones, and so in the interest of equality, I’ve selected my top 5 Android apps for big purchases:

5-Android-apps-for-big-buys-carsalesBuy, trade, sell or drool over cars
I like this app to find a used car (I’m based in Australia). The concept is great: it pulls content from CarSales.com.au classifieds pages, presenting over 200,000 searchable used and new cars. Pretty handy if you’re wanting to snag a good deal or interested in upgrading your current jalopy!

5-Android-apps-for-big-buys-truliaGet inspired to become a homeowner
A slightly larger purchase than a car, a home is almost always for keeps. There are very few people I know who bought their homes on a whim – in fact, they spent months researching the marketplace before they settled on the right property. The Trulia Android App is from one of the USA’s largest property sites and a great place to go to get inspired.

Catch up on college
One of my biggest expenditures so far in life has been paying back college loans. I made the most of my experience, though, and I still enjoying catching up with my alma mater now and then. The Virt U: The Virtual University is an app that lets you watch lectures from leading universities (building a “community of online learners”). I guess one of the lessons I took away from university was to never stop learning!

Get a handle on home expenses
Some of your biggest expenses might just be sneaking under the door at night in the form of heating. You might be spending it in groceries or mobile phone costs. HomeBudget is a great app that lets you track all your home expenses and bills against your income, and it presents them graphically in handy reports.

Fuel your travel dreams
There’s no reason why your apps should be serious all the time! I love browsing through potential holiday destinations and planning my next trip to a country that I’ve never visited before. There are so many fantastic apps that cater to different kinds of holidaymakers, so I haven’t included a specific one here. Check out this big list of travel apps that includes destinations guides, help with planning and booking, armchair travel, languages and currency exchange – happy browsing