A Compact Camcorder Also A Webcam! Defender G-Lens M322 Universal Camera

Inbox, Defender includes wide range of clip for its new camera, G-Lens M322, so you could mount it to every surface you want to from your computer monitor to your car. Wherever, you want it to be mounted, the cute design in compact size will make it nicely and easier to be integrated with.

Is G-Lens M322 a webcam? Yes, it is. Is it a spy camera? Well, based on its compact size what do you think? Moreover, this new camera also could be used as standalone camcorder. With a MicroSD memory card slot up to 16GB, it provides you with 2 hours video recording at 640 x 480 resolution, 30fps, through a 0.3MP AF camera with 70 degrees viewing angle lens.

Fashioned in yellow color finish, Defender G-Lens M322 universal camera is still cloudy. No information yet about its price tag and the availability, it seems it is going to show at late of this year (not sure). Should I mention USB port?  [Dandy Gadget Source]