a Future Writing Board — Technical Artist Starlight Panel

I remember when I was in Junior high school, my teacher always asks me to clean the board. Damn, it was my regular activities in my classroom and it bored me much and made me a little tired also. But the worst thing that troubled me much is the chalk dust. It could be a different story appear if my school used this StarLight Panel from Technical Artist.

Using a magic panel, no need software, and other chips, you can draw and write without any chalk or marker, just by touching the surface with any devices even with your fingers. No dust, and only need a little energy in its process even the kids or elders could write.

More, the StarLight Panel can display in colors that you can set from its backlight. The backlights also help to make your audience stay focus on what you write as well as offering a clear display even from the back row of large, darkened rooms.

Technical Artist StarLight panel is compacted in 840 (H)x1200 (W)mm with 252,000 dots. Sorry, no information about its pricing, but likely it’s available now. [Dandy Gadget Source]