A Giant Motorola ATRIX 4G — Motorola XOOM Tablet PC [CES 2011]

Lets make it simple to describe what Motorola’s iPad version, Motorola XOOM is. Motorola XOOM tablet Pc is an ATRIX 4G smartphone with Android 3.0 Honeycomb as its OS and using a 10.1-inches touch LCD which capables to display full HD 1080p contents and supports HDMI output. It’s a “Giant ATRIX 4G”

Chosen as “The BEST CES” of CNET version at CES 2011, the XOOM tablet PC features dual core processor with each core running at 1 GHz, a front-facing 2-megapixel camera for video chats or could be video calling in near future, Wi-Fi, supports 3G/4G LTE, a rear-facing 5-megapixel camera that captures video in 720p HD, a built-in gyroscope, barometer, e-compass, accelerometer and adaptive lighting. Will be at Verizon Wireless, the tablet will also contain the Google and verizon wireless services such as Android market, YouTube and Gmail, others.

Dressed in elegant thin design and powerful inside, Motorola XOOM is a right tablet for your on-the-go activities. But you need to wait a couple of months in around Q1 2011 for 3G/Wi-Fi enable, and in Q2 2011 for 4G enable. The pricing could be bundled with a contract on Verizon Wireless. [Dandy Gadget Source]