A Joke About Apple iOS Maps App

Two boys who recently brought iPhone 5 from near store are talking about their experience using Apple iOS Maps app.

The first boy : (upset expression)It’s just a crap, it’s doesn’t even have a right to be called as a map app. It often directs me to the wrong location.
The second boy : It works more than perfect to me, more than other map apps. It’s the most powerful map app I have ever used.
The first boy : You are not joking right?
The second boy : I’m not, here is my story. Two days ago I had a little fight with my girlfriend. She was so upset, and went back to her town. Yesterday I decided to apologize, so I went to her town. I was not lucky, she was not at home when I arrived. Her brother told me that she was at local library, the only library in town. I didn’t know the way, so I grabbed my iPhone 5, put it on my car’s dashboard, and lets the iOS Maps assisted me.
After a couple of turn right-turn left, I reached the destination, based on what the map was showing. When I looked around, ..alas… it was not a library, it was a flower store. In short, I met my girlfriend at Library using Google Maps-powered app of my Android smartphone.
The first boy : you got the worst experience, and still saying it’s the most powerful maps app.
The second boy : absolutely, if I were using Google Maps in the first place instead of iOS Maps, I probably didn’t give her flowers.