A little Thing We Often Forget? Ulysse Nardin Fountain Pen

Not a Smartphone, not also your iPhone 4S, not even your phenomenal Android tablet is the most important gadget on your business.  a pen? Whatsoever your job is, the pen always accompanies you to seal the testimonies of your steps of success, from the start when you applied to your company, signed your big contracts, and later when you decided to resign from your today current position, right? By unveiling a luxurious-masculine fountain pen, Ulysse Nardin reminds us back to a little most important thing we often forget, a pen.

Visconti, the well-known writing instrument specialist, have handed its knowledge to this Ulysse Nardin Fountain Pen for creating the art of writing with the finest-unique Visconti pen system. However, it is not only talking about what for the pen is. Through pure resin and 18k gold or 925 sterling silver body, it shows you the luxurious-classic jewelry art of a small masterpiece for merging perfectly with your high lifestyle.

Like always Ulysse Nardin’s thing, it comes with blue sea color with logo on top of its cap and its body, including a travel inkwell. How much is it? Not sure, Ulysse Nardin did not mention about the price tag. The 18k gold version is more expensive surely, right? [Dandy Gadget Source]