A Very “She” in Cute Design, LG-SH490 Flip Smartphone

This Dandy Gadget: LG has announced a new smartphone, LG-SH490, in Korean market which has a very-very  “she” young style.

Like I said a very-very “she”, this flip phone brings playfull color: smoky red, deep blue, and pearl white along with fine art decoration. So, LG gives you a real companion in your shopping event without letting out the communication and style, right?

In addition, this new LG smartphone features a 2.4-inch screen display, 512MB internal memory, and a 3.0 megapixel rear camera in, Bluetooth, basic PMP and more.

Fashioned in 52(L) x 102(W) x 16(D) mm and 102g, LG SH490 flip smartphone is going to enter Korean market in around $375.99.