Acer Pico C112 Projector, Better than C110?

We heard about the new Acer C110 Pico projector, but I am more interested with other new C series, C112.  Yes, Acer C110 is bringing a new design with only one USB port, the projector could deliver a projection images and powered also. You don’t troubled some with unnecessary wires.

Why C112? Acer C110 Pico projector is too smart projector which means it need also smart complement devices that have enough power to share with, such laptop, desktop, or tablet. Yes, it helps you much for doing your presentation through your laptop.  However, when you are coming in mind to roll your USB flash contents, Acer C112 projector is the right pocket projector to be used.

Plus, Acer C112 Pico projector is more powerful than C110. The projector has 70 ANSI lumens with 1000:1 contras ratio, 854 x 480 resolution, and 16:9 native ratio.  Those surely give you a clear, quite impressive projection images on the big screen. Plus, it’s also coming with external battery that can serve you up to 2 hours (you never have this with C110).

Fashioned in 137 x 91.5 mm, Acer C112 projector is expected to hit European market in late July 2011 in 269 Euro. And it could be followed by US market in early August 2011 (not sure). Did I mention Acer SmartFormat technology and Quick Start feature? [Dandy Gadget Source]