Acton SpnKIX Rocket Skates [CES 2012]

I dreamed that I could become a Robocop when I was a kid. Yes, that was a ridiculous dream. What do you wish from a kid to think anyway, right? If you have ever dreamed like me, this Acton SpnKIX, a rocket skates, takes you there partly. It gives you like-robot legs, roller skates that powered by some kind of machine and placed under your shoes with back protector.

With 15mph speed and being controled by remote, This motorized skates will take you to wherever you want like rocket. No doubt, it flies you to next level of enjoyment and fashion. However, it seems it still has a long journey to arrive to its final form. Right now, this rocket skates is only available in prototype. There is no full specs detail officially announced by the company.

Meanwhile, there are big question marks around it. Many people, including me, are asking about how long the machine supports the skates. Don’t ask now, don’t think now, it’s better for us to wait until CES 2012. Acton.Inc will line up the latest prototype of this high tech gadget there. [Dandy Gadget Source]