All-in-White in Your Golf, Garmin Approach S1W GPS Wristwatch!

Well, if you really, really hate black, Garmin sent you a good message. It said “Don’t worry we unveiled a new white version on Approach S1 GPS wristwatch, Approach S1W”. Now, do you like white? I must say this to you, Garmin seems only offering white and black color. And you must accept the condition where you don’t have any choice than black and white.

Anyway, you are a golfer. It doesn’t make sense to me that you don’t like white. Most of your golf’s kits are in white, right? So, this new white version surely will fashion more your golf’s nuance, All-in-White. Plus, it makes you more focus on your ball, hole and green. There is no contrast color that can steal your eye’s attention.

At glance, however, Garmin Approach S1W Golf GPS wristwatch is looking more feminine or sexier, right? It suits more to lady golfer, I think? Meanwhile the specs are still like the black version with more preloaded course database. Let’s White Our Golf![Dandy Gadget Source]