An Excuse for Not Being Near Your Child? Samsung WiFi Video Baby Monitor

Sometime we must leave our child alone. Sometime it hurts our heart in somewhere that seemly we threw our responsibility as parent to take care of him, more, if you left him just because you have a blind date, ridiculous. Do you need an excuse for that stupid action? This new Samsung WiFi Video Baby monitor might be what you are looking for.

Bringing a compact design with tiltable camera, a swiveling bracket and built-in WiFi, this new gadget can be placed anywhere in any position at your child room and connected to your wireless home network in a second with one touch. Interestingly, you can configure to automatically do recording when the motion or sound detected. With help of your tablet or Smartphone, you can monitor your baby from far away and receive any recent updates.

Fashioned in 3.15 (W) x 3.15 (H) x 1.25 (D) inch with cute white-black color finish, Samsung WiFi Video Baby Monitor is going to hit market in March 2012 for MSRP $149.00. Never leave your child alone? Did you see it at CES 2012? [Dandy Gadget Source]