Another Amosu BlackBerry — Amosu BlackBerry Torch Gold Smartphone

This is the latest Amosu BlackBerry, Amosu BlackBerry Torch smartphone. the smartphone is plated with 38gms 18 carat gold on its mid frame while other parts is colored by gold. Thus, the gadget has luxurious in design and be your perfect valentine gift beside Amosu Blackberry Bold Gold smartphone.

Like iPhone 4G Diamond Spider, The handset comes with an international concierge service, a golden number allowing you to choose from a series or sequence of unique mobile numbers (07xxx 111111). And it also houses in matching crocodile or python gold Amosu case, with each handset & case being personalized with your own name or company logo or dear photo.

Amosu BlackBerry Torch smartphone is available in white, yellow, rose or platinum gold in £8000. And optinally you can also have the gadget with diamonds in any color. Amosu will charge you more for that action. [Dandy Gadget Source]