Audi Urban Concept, Classic Electric Car?

Perhaps I’m wrong, but looking into the image, Audi Urban concept is remembering me about classic car. The car is having pass-out-body wheels. Meanwhile its roof is designed to be slide to rear to get open and a tailgate as main entry. Simplicity seems as the basic mainframe on this concept.

Inside, Audi Urban Concept brings 1+1 seats which you can adjust according to your suit as well as its pedals. As it’s to be a full electric car, the body is crafted by ultra-lightweight construction using carbon fiber-reinforced polymer with two e-tron electric motors to provide more acceleration and speed.

As always a concept, the car could be different than what it will show on its prototype in Frankfurt, Germany.  Let’s see it what the real of Audi Urban Concept looks like next month. [Dandy Gadget Source]