Audi Urban Spider Electric Car Concept, Remotely Devices!

It’s time to move all gazoline devices to be powered by electricity to green our Earth. Looking to this tiny new Audi electric car concept is making me think back to Al Capone’s car. It’s absolutely like his car, classic car with a new electric engine, right?

As I mentioned tiny size, Audi Urban Spider electric car is packing in 3200mm long, 1700mm wide and just 1200mm tall with 1+1 seats. Coupled by lightweight construction with the using of carbon fibre-reinforced polymer (CFRP), it makes the car is quite perfect to be controlled remotely through Smartphone, or other remote device, right? (not sure, it will bring that feature). So, you don’t need to walk back to parking area, just remote your car to be in front of store gate.

Like its big brother, Audi Urban Spider car concept is coming with two e-tron electric motor that powered by Li-ion batteries to provide great acceleration and speed. According to Audi, the new electric car concept could run up to 40-miles range.

Fashioned in sporty design, closely like a toy, Audi Urban Spider electric car concept is expected to be showed at Frankfurt Motor Show 2011. Want to see it, you must go to German! [Dandy Gadget Source]