Bell & Ross BR01 Casino Pink Gold Watch, Lets Bet!

Do you have spare money? Lets bet! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking you to go to casino and trow all of your money. Why do we have to go to casino? While Bell and Ross offers us one of casino’s popular game, roulette, on our wrist with its new limited edition watch, BR01 Casino Pink Gold.

The watch is fashioned in square black case and decorated with roulette wheel in the center of dial along with “&” logo. The bezel and dial are made of pink gold. Honestly I don’t like the design, it’s too bold and far from being cute, right? (feel free to comment if you don’t agree with me). And the watch uses black rubber strap with BR logo embossed.

It is an unique watch, you might have a little confused how to read its time.  The Bell & Ross BR01 Casino Pink Gold watch is featuring three disks on its dial. The outside disk contains numbers and have a job to give you an information about the hours by pointing its “0” numbers to dot indexes on the bezel edge. The middle disk uses its mini roulette ball to show the minutes. Meanwhile the center of roulette circles at the rhythm of the seconds.

Do you want this limited luxury watch? So, lets bet! the Bell & Ross will be auctioning its BR01 Casino Pink Gold at Only Watch 2011 Monaco. Whether you lose or win, it showed that you really care about other people problems. Is there a carbon finish version?  [Dandy Gadget Source]