Bluedot BTV-910 Compact TV

Have you ever tasted the morning sensation with a cup of coffee in your right hand, a newspaper in your left hand, and your lovely darling sitting in front of you at your backyard? Believe me, it’s so fantastic. You will feel that you are really alive, hoping that the moment will lasting forever or tomorrow will never die. More, when this new Bluedot compact TV, BTV-910, is there on your table, serving favorite TV channels for both of you on a 9-inch LED backlit screen.

Dressed in 238(W) x 151(H) x 31(D)mm with only 0.6kg, you can easily bring the BTV-910 from one place to another. As it also employs an AV input and memory card slot, this compact TV can be used as an external monitor for your DVD player, gaming consoles, and so on. In tandem with her sleek design, it could become one to your room ornaments, and surely would look good on your desk.

Too bad, for you who are outside of Japan, you could only read the news, because this Bluedot BTV-910 is going to hit Japanese market only in March 23, 2012 for around $185 with three-color option: black, white, and lime green.