BOOM Movement Urchin Rugged Bluetooth Speaker [CES 2013]

The Urchin, a new Bluetooth speaker from BOOM Movement, is designed in compact size, can be palmed easily. Fashioned in unique shape with hole at top, mounting tools such as carbineer, suction up and screw, and using silicon skin, this Bluetooth speaker ensures you have top enjoyment in hearing your audio contents of your Bluetooth-enabled devices or any other device through Bluetooth pairing or a 3.5mm audio jack at anywhere, in any activities, from your desk to inside your car or even while taking a shower.

More? Ok, beside to boom your audio contents, the Urchin also includes a built-in microphone, so you can be used as hand free speaker of your mobile phone. More? It also comes with vary color options, surely one of them fits your taste and fashion style.

The release date and pricing
BOOM Movement will display the Urchin speaker at CES 2013 and it’s going to hit market in February 2013 in MSRP $149.99. Is it too expensive?