Boombotix REX Outdoor Ultraportable Speaker

Judging from its image, Boombotix REX external speaker is designed in ultraportable size with cute hexagon appearance, like a little smiling alien’s face that having big eyes (two speakers), that fits in the palm of your hand and pocket, easy for you to bring this thing from one place to another with no sweat.

According to Alpen Tarner, a Boombotix staff, the REX is already drop tested and water resistant. So, this gadget is suitable enough to become your companion in enjoying your audio contents while you are on-the-go or having outdoor activities or doing sports activities. More, still according to Alpen Tarner, this little things will boom the sound of your Bluetooth-enabled devices super-loudly through its 2.1 channel audio system.

The release date and pricing
If you are so curious about this REX, Boombotix will tell you more at Kickstarter on the next three days. If it goes according to the plan, the REX will hit market in this spring. Meanwhile, there is no information yet about its price tag, but I guess it will have around $50 or less (not sure).