Simplify Your Home Entertainment System! Sony DMX-WL1 Bravia Wireless Link Module

You don’t need to troubled some by wire to connect your AV equipment s to your Bravia HDTV. This new gadget from Sony, DMX-WL1, brings 4 HDMI and 1 component video ports. It gives you ability to have five content sources to show on up to 1080i resolution. It simplifies your home entertainment system.

This new Sony Bravia wireless comes with two device, transmitter and receiver. You could easily mount the receiver to the back of your HD TV or wherever up to 65 feet from the transmitter. By connecting your 5 AV equipment devices into this wireless link module, you don’t need 5 remote device to control your show. You just need a wireless link module’s remote control. It simplifies more, right?

However, Sony DMX-WL1 Bravia wireless link module will cost you more room for the devices and cost you more for around $799.99. Wire or $799.99?