Buffallo BSKBB16 series case for your iPhone 5

To speedy and simplify your texting activities through your iPhone 5 as well as giving it a safe place, Buffalo has announced a new case, BSKBB16 series, featuring a removable sliding Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard.

The Bluetooth keyboard of this BSKBB16 series is placed under the iPhone case. it also can be used as a base stand for having laptop-like mode. It will greatly help you to have a better viewing while watching your multimedia contents or do texting. More, it’s a LED backlight Bluetooth keyboard, so you can do texting anytime, anywhere even in the dark.

Indeed, this new case is a great additional tool for your iPhone 5. However, if you are so really care about the sexiness of your iPhone 5, this case is not your option, because the sliding Bluetooth keyboard is making your iPhone 5 fatter and uglier a little. So, it now depends of your primary goal : function or appearance?

Buffalo-bskbb16-series-black-iphone5-frontThe release date and pricing
Dressed in 126(W) x 21.5(H) x 60.5(D) mm with two color options : white (BSKBB16WH) and black (BSKBB16BK), Buffalo BSKBB16 series iPhone 5 case is going to hit Japanese market in mid-April 2013 for MSRP 8,400 Yen or around $85.99. Unfortunately, there is no clue whether this one will enter US market. Did I mention a USB charging port?