CallPod Keeper Desktop For Your PC & Mac Computers

This Dandy Gadget: A month ago,CallPod succeed with its Keeper Mobile, application for securing your data in your lovely smartphone, a lot of users download this application at iTune and iPhone store online, reach the number 5 top in business utilities category. Now, they want to reload it again by the releasing of Keeper Desktop. The CallPod assumed much of users will need a well privacy keeper for their important data such as: social numbers and bank account that stored in computer.

This new application is compatible with PC and Mac computer. So, if you have some important document in your PC or Mac, better to use this one. While the bad situation arise such as: your computer is stolen by thief, you can breathe freely. The Keeper Desktop will protect your important document with military-grade encryption, completed “self-destruct” mode feature, will erase the document and data after five wrong attempts to break into a data/document. In that case you only lost your PC, better than you lost everything.

CallPod Keeper Desktop is available in $14.95. It also supports Also supports Mobile Sync to your Smartphone via WiFi. [Dandy Gadget Source]