Casio MSA-7200 Series Watches for Girl?

Casio unveiled new girl watches, MSA-7200 series. Having its surface decorated by big size of dial and 12 number, digital metal ring, and garnish with a grid pattern, believe me this thing is far from being feminine. It seems Casio targeting a girl that not really a girl (sporty and casual one). What girl thing that we can see in this watch is the combination of its color, the unique dial-in chronograph and the lightness of its material.

In addition, these new watches features FM radio, and stopwatch which is powered by solar. The company said they can stay alive for about 26 month in full charged condition. When you are buried in the cave, and no one help you. Don’t worried, you can tell the angel precisely when you’re die, just kidding.

Compacted in 39.9 × 35.9 × 10.1mm dimension and 66g mass  with three colors option: brown and gold, black and pink, white and gold, Casio MSA-7200 watches will hit Japan market in December 18 2010 for price 51,450 yen (MSA-7200CBJ and MSA-7200CGJ) and 49,350 yen (MSA-7200CJ) including tax. Christmas is on the way, right? Did I mention waterproof and rugged? [Dandy Gadget Source]