Classically Image and Express Yourself to Universe, Samsung Renown SCH-u810 Flip Smartphone

This Dandy Gadget: A new traveling mobile phone was exposed by Samsung, Samsung Renown SCH-u810 which support global capabilities, and a large of musics format (MIDI, AAC/AAC+, EAAC+, M4A, WMA, CMX4.4, QCELP, I-Melody,MP3, AMR) on Verizon Wireless network.

What is more? this new smartphone offers you video recording in MPEG-4 format, 2.0 megapixel camera, instant messaging and wirelessly connect to Bluetooth, CDMA and GSM network, and more.

Samsung Renown SCH-u810 smartphone is designed in 1.95” x 3.87” x .69” dimension with a 2.3-inch 96 x 96 pixel active main screen area. Only one color is available, classic color expression,brown, black and grey composite. This new flip smartphone costs you for $299.99 without contract.