LG HOM-BOT Square Vacuum, the International Version of Roboking VR6272LVM? – CES 2013

LG said this HOM-BOT Square is totally redesigned robotic vacuum, but judging from its appearance and technologies that is used, this robotic vacuum looks like the successful LG’s vacuum at Korean market, Roboking VR6272LVM. Is it the international version of Roboking VR6272LVM?

LG-hom-bot-square-robotic-vacuum-top-center-dandy-gadget-home-gadgetsAs LG didn’t reveal yet about its detail, we will not get a clear answer before we saw this vacuum at CES 2013. However, short of, like the Roboking, this HOM-BOT Square features dual eye 2.0 cameras – one on top and one on bottom,  Corner Master technology, voice control, 1.5 cm long brush, triple sensors – 180 degree area scan,  Easy-out Dust Bin – on top, HEPA 11 filter, Learning feature, remote control and so on.

Although it’s not the thinnest robotic vacuum, with only 89mm height and supported by those technologies and features above, the HOM-BOT Square surely cleans your room smartly and effectively even at any hard-reach areas such as under your sofa. More, it runs silently, at only 60dB, a little noisy compared to the Roboking.

I’m so wonder which one is better between LG HOM-BOT Square and Samsung Smart Tango. Hopefully, Samsung will demonstrate their vacuum too at CES 2013.

The release date and pricing
Unfortunately, LG didn’t comment a word about the pricing and release date of this HOM-BOT Square. Likely, we will have our answer at CES 2013. If it’s an international version of Roboking VR6272LVM, the pricing will be not far from $799.99.