Dedicated Hosting

If you want exclusive use of a server, then you need a dedicated server – one which is for your sole use. If you have a dedicated server you do not share space with other sites so you have more server reliability. If you have a site that attracts thousands of visitors a day then you need a dedicated server. If you decide to choose a dedicated hosting service then you can expect to pay around $100 a month for the web hosting service. This will typically mean that you have all the technical support you need as well as your choice of operating system, hardware, server software etc. The administration of a dedicated server will normally be provided by the hosting service, but for an extra fee.

Dedicated hosting may be utilized by those who want to sell on the space they have rented on their server to others to operate their own shared hosting services. Some people see this as a good way of making money, although it can be full of problems if you have hundreds of people sharing a server, and reliability will be compromised.

Large companies find that dedicated hosting allows them to continue their operations in a cost-effective manner as the hosting service providers will offer support which the company would need to pay an expert for and their fees can be very expensive for one-off jobs, although this is still cheaper than employing a permanent IT professional.

For smaller, growing companies, having a dedicated server has more benefits than drawbacks. For one thing, if anything goes wrong there is the peace of mind in knowing that there is a professional a phone call away who can deal with any problems efficiently and effectively. The cost of dedicated hosting is well worth it for the security and reliability it affords.