DOLBY Moved Sound Technology to the Next Level [CES 2011]

Focusing on moved the powerful PC entertainment experience to the next stage, Dolby will sing at CES 2011 with the latest generation of Dolby PC audio technologies: Dolby Home Theater v4 and Dolby Advanced Audio v2.

The Home Theater v4 is the premium version of Advanced Audio v2. That why, Dolby Advanced Audio v2 only offers Surround Virtualizer (for built-in speakers), Volume Leveler, Volume Maximizer, Graphic Equalizer, Audio Optimizer, and Audio Regulator.

Meanwhile, Dolby Home Theater v4 also features Surround Decorder, Dialogue Enhancer, and Dolby Digital Output that will smooth the stereo content into 7.1-channel surround sound, improve intelligibility of dialogue across all types of content and provides real-time encoding of PC content into the Dolby Digital format over S/PDIF or HDMI outputs; users can then enjoy audio content from your PCs in surround sound on their home theater systems.

At CES 2011, Dolby has chosen several products (PlayStationwith Netflix, Blu-ray player, TV, and laptop) to test its new program for several content types: movie, music, television, and games. [Dandy Gadget Source]