Don’t Miss Your Champagne Without Black Velvet Crystal Glass

This Dandy Gadget: Hoya Corporation has produced this new elegant black Crystal glass, Black Velvet for your champagne.

Black Velvet will give you an outside experiences with your campagne. In order the bubble of the champagne is shut in the jet-black glass, for the bubble to stand up from cutting the stem part, the elegant glass which it can peep. The silhouette of black makes the smoothness of the velvet think, produces the night of stylish summer.

In addition, with this Black Velvet being able to meet, the preponderant existence impression and due to adhering to black it has expressed the mixed style whose delicate kind of cutting which makes the shadow picture associate is new. When and it tries excluding in the glass, the world only of the strange crystal like the kaleidoscope is spreading. With not only the beauty which is done, the champagne you do not forget either the good quality per mouth in order for you to be tasty.

Hayo Black Velvet crystal glass has 260mm high, 160ml size. The price is around $698.99 and available in six models.