Earth Tronics WT6000 Wind Turbine at National Hardware Show 2009

This Dandy Gadget: Designed in a gearless, free wheeling turbine, using blade tips to generates power rather than through a complex slow central gear as the traditional wind turbine, Earth Tronics proudly was lining up this WT6000 wind turbine, also known as Honneywell wind turbine at National Hardware Show (NHS) 2009.

The innovation technology of Honneywell wind turbine which is using a gearless makes this device only need 2 miles per hour wind speeds to create power and continue generating power up to 40 mph, without bothering with noise associated with wind turbines. It’s a big step in wind technology compared with other wind turbine at market which is requiring around 10mph wind speed to create power and stop at 30mph. So, you can save a lot of cost of your energy budget up to 30% for your home or business. Instead, you also get a higher performance output.

Earth Tronics WT6000 wind turbine is compacted in 6 feet diameter and 95lbs that can produce up to 1580kWh per year. The device will be available in December 2009 with MSRP below $4,500. [Dandy Gadget Source]