Escort Cordless Solo S3 Detector More Dandy

Compared to its predecessor, Solo 2, Cordless Solo 3 detector which is released by Escord a few times ago is sleeker in design and more dandy in features. The device is compacted in sleek black color box, features long-range radar protection, ultra-performance laser protection, 9-user programmable feature, and safety radar signal to unsure your protection in high level when you are driving your car on your travel.

More, this new gadget contains a wider bar OLED display, easier for you to read the message, and uses only 2AA batteries for a couple of month used in normal use.

Escord Cordless Solo S3 detector has  1.16Hx2.90Wx5.25L-inch dimension. And already available now for order at $349.95. Nothing more important than your safety, pre-caution is needed. [Dandy Gadget Source]