Essentials For Every Mac Owner

One of the best things about being a Mac owner is that there are so many amazing apps, pieces of hardware, and other great optional features which can greatly enhance the experience. There are constantly new things being developed for the Mac too, so it is always worth regularly keeping up to date on the latest news to learn what you could be doing with the machine in the near future. What you will want will depend on your own personal taste and what you use the Mac for, but here are a few great examples of additional features that you might want to try:

USB CD Drive

If you have only recently made the switch to Mac, then it is likely that you found yourself carefully inspecting the casing in an attempt to find the CD drive. While it is true that in today’s day and age you do not really need one, it can still come in handy and particularly if you have a large collection of CDs that you want to add to your iTunes library or if you want to make a CD playlist. This is where a USB CD drive can come in incredibly handy, and particularly handy for those who have just made the switch and are used to having a CD drive.

External Hard Drive

As with any type of device, an external hard drive is a key item for a number of different reasons. First, it allows you to easily move all of your important files around in a portable device, but it is also crucial for backing up. Even if you have all of your important data on the iCloud or backed up via Time Machine, it is still a great idea to invest in an external hard drive and to perform a regular back up to here.

High-Quality Media Player

There are all kinds of audio and video formats in today’s day and age, and these are constantly changing, so you might find that a few files that you have downloaded will not play on the very basic QuickTime media player. Instead, take a look for a high-quality, open-source media player which will allow you to play all different types of media and even convert files for you so that you can continue to enjoy all of your content.


If like most users, you are a heavy user of your machine with many different files then it will very quickly become a mess. In addition to making it harder to find what you are looking for, it can also slow down the performance which can be incredibly frustrating. This is why it is a good idea to find the best Mac cleaner which will get rid of junk, monitor the system and optimize memory to ensure that everything continues to run quickly, smoothly and efficiently.

Productivity App

When you are working hard on your Mac, you do not want to be slowed down by having to open apps, find files and waste time generally moving around the operating system. Fortunately, there is a range of brilliantly designed productivity apps that can streamline your process and massively boost your productivity. Many of these work by helping you to take control of your Mac to find what you are looking for, move files, control software and much more all from the keyboard. WhileSpotlight is great, it has its limitations and those that want complete control should take a look into the various productivity apps available.

Cloud Storage

The introduction of cloud storage has been of huge assistance for all kinds of different users as it makes it incredibly quick and easy to access your files no matter where you are, as well as back them up. You can use iCloud, but this is somewhat limited so you may also want to utilize one or a few of the many other household name cloud storage services which easily enable you to synchronize your files.

Macs are fine as standard, but they can be transformed into remarkable machines with a few accessories and pieces of software with the above being just a few examples of the great additional features that are highly worth considering. No matter what you use the Mac for, there are sure to be products and software that you can find which will improve the efficiency and make it much easier and more enjoyable to work with. In addition to this, there are always new things being developed so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!