FindTheBest Comes With a Better-New Interface

It’s not only StumbleUpon that changed its design with a better-clean interface, did it too. Now when you are looking into each of its pages what you find is only the combination between white, grey, and blue. With those colors dominate the pages, this site creates more friendly brightness to your eyes for your long exploring.

With new slide-vertical bar on the sidebar, you will know the highest rank on each category just by looking on the sidebar without you do the comparison or searching. As the main point of this site is serving you an alternative search engine with unbiased data by comparing each of product or service, it brings a new interface, a better comparison indicator on the comparison pages, helping you to easy-to-read the looked data with the best (in blue) result.

Unfortunately, the complexity of algorithm of enhanced UI seems to consume a lot of resource. Or it could be only my personal experience because when I clicked ‘Press’ or something on category, the page was not loaded properly. Overall, the new is the best alternative search engine through direct comparison method. Did I mention also change its logo? [Dandy Gadget Source]