Samsung NX Series Hybrid Camera [PMA 2009]

This Dandy Gadget: The main point of this NX series is bringing a compact size of point-to-shot camera with the ability of DSLR camera. To achieve the goal, Samsung removed the mirror lens box and embed this camera with a big sensor, APS-C sized image sensor.

It’s so dandy concept. It will easier to be carried than a traditional DSLRs, but still having their power. So, the NX series camera, Samsung called Hybrid camera, could create a lot of space of mobility and creativity to capture any moments at anywhere with high quality images. Hmm, I would love to give this new camera a try.

Samsung NX Series hybrid camera is expected to be available in Q2 of 2009. The price is unknown. See its first debut at PMA 2009… [Dandy Gadget Source]