Forcemedia New Bath J-Force Speaker — Lets Enjoy iPhone/iPod Musics in Bathroom

You don’t need to bring your iPhone or iPod to your bathroom while you are having a bath for enjoying your iPhone/iPod musics. This is the idea of this gadget, ForceMedia J-Force Bath speaker.

Simply by attach the J-Force Bath speaker to your outside bathroom’s door and connect to iPhone/iPod through an amplifier unit, the gadget will bring clear sound to your inside bathroom that you can control wirelessly from a waterproof remote control.

The amplifier unit is powered by 3AA batteries. thus, the gadget can deliver four hours continuous musics. How much time do you need for taking a bath? I think it’s not more than four hours right? More, the gadget is compatible with most iPhone/iPod include the iPhone 4 or it could be also compatible with the upcoming iPhone/iPod.

ForceMedia Bath J-Force speaker is available in two color: pink (JS-SPIBRP) and white (JS-SPIBRW) for 5,480 yen in Japan. [Dandy Gadget Source]