G-Technology G-Drive Pro with thunderbolt, an external HDD with SSD-like speed!

SSD storage is a good choice when you need a high-speed data workflow storage. However, to have that, right now, SSD is still expensive and limited in capacity. So, in achieving a high speed storage solution with large space capacity at the same time, the only option left is to extend the ability of HDD to its edge performance. And that is a reason behind of this G-Drive Pro with thunderbolt from G-Technology.

G-Drive Pro with thunderbolt is a 3.5-inch 7200 RPM external HDD for MAC users that maximizing the powerful of thunderbolt interface and the latest G-Technology’s storage technology to achieve SSD-like speed performance. According to the company, this new external hard drive could perform up to 480MB/s write speed with the availability of large space, 2TB and 4TB. Indeed, based on stats, this storage is a smart storage solution for professionals who require a large space and speedy storage for his work, such as editing video or image. As note, it also support 2K and 4K workflows.

More, the G-DRIVE design with elegant appearance, durable case and integrated heat sink cooling system makes this external HDD looks so match and safe to be paired with your Mac laptop or desktop from one place to another for long tiring creations.

G-Technology-GDrive-Pro-thunderbolt-rearThe release date and pricing
Fashioned in 68 x 235 x 130 mm with 1.42kg weight, G-Technology G-Drive Pro with thunderbolt was displayed at NAB 2013 and is going to hit market in this summer for MSRP $849.99 (4TB) and $699.99 (2TB). Did I mention 2 thunderbolt ports?