Gachapin x Mukku Netbook for Kids

This Dandy Gadget: With charmy colors, Kohjinsha and Badai are very clever to attract the kid’s mind. Because they focus in Japan market so the using Gachapin and Mukku icon, I think its quite perfect. The kids will see this netbook as toys that need to be push or something childish while they can watch their favorite star.

This dandy gadget features a 8.9-inch TFT color LCD with 1024×600 pixel resolution, an ATOM N270(1.60GHz) CPU, 1GB of RAM, 160GB of HDD and a 1Seg Digital TV Tuner. More, tell your kid, “Don’t trow this thing” cause it costs 79,800 yen. [Dandy Gadget Source]