Get Up or You Will …? Nanda Home Clocky Red Special Edition Clock

Is alarm beeping not enough to wake you up? Are you a person who really enjoying much your dream in your sleep? Let’s me guess, you always comes late to your college. Your boss always yells you every day because you are always not on time. Poor person, you need a help. This Nanda Home Clocky special edition, Clocky Red, could hand you to ease your problem.

The Clocky Red is a unique-cute clock. At glance, it looks like a kid toy or tiny cute robot with wheels, right? However, it’s still a clock, it provides you a time on its front face with other setting at top. Please, don’t be fooled by its cute face, when the time is coming to alert you about your wake time, this little thing turns into a real monster, troubled you with its loud-noisy sound, and run away from its current position randomly. You will not know exactly where its position is.

At that case, you must get up from your bed or you will…? Get up or you will not have a good sleep. The worst, you need another $45 for buying it again because it jumped to the wrong place. My advice, get up from your bed, find your Clocky, turn off its big mouth, and back to your bed again. Am I wrong? [Dandy Gadget Source]