Gigabyte Aivia Neon, a flying wireless mouse!

Not only an angel that can fly without wings, this Gigabyte Touch-Charge Presenter Mouse, Aivia Neon, can also do that. Without wings, this Aivia Neon can do maneuvers in the air.  Simply by pressing air-mouse mode, this new mouse can be used like on the mouse pad while flying in the air – pointing, clicking and scrolling.

The magic of this new mouse doesn’t stop there. With a built-in laser pointer and Aivia painter-mode included, you can explain clearer about your proposal or document to audiences by pointing on the focused chapter or drawing special note onto the content on the screen. It also doesn’t require a headache charging operation, you just need to make it kiss the receiver head. That is the meaning of Touch-Charge all about. Those abilities make the Aivia Neo become a smart solution for meeting and classroom.

In addition, this flying wireless mouse also sports 1200 DPI laser tracking system and free-scrooling technology to ensure high precision and accuracy tracking as well as giving you an easiest way to roll on browsing activities.

Gigabyte-Aivia-Neon-wireless-mouse-airThe release date and pricing
Dressed in ergonomic design in black color finish with 105(W) x 57(H) x 37(D)mm dimension and 107gr mass, Gigabyte Aivia Neon Touch-Charge Air Presenter Mouse is going to hit market soon. Unfortunately, there is no clue related to the release date and pricing. Just be patient!