Google Chrome OS With Cr-48 Chrome Notebook — Are You Ready to Fight Chrome?

Are you nut, Google? What does make you  so confident with Chrome OS? Can it say much in market? Lets take a look, there are three popular notebook  OS already: Mac, Windows and Linux. Oh, maybe I forget to say iOS with its iPad and Jolicloud, although it’s not so popular. That are  my big question that came along when Jolicloud announced, and it’s also happen now. Chrome OS?? What does this new OS can do?

Let’s talk about the new comer in operating system, iOS, and Jolicloud. The first iOS, since its first launching, it amused people. But I think it’s not because Apple iOS is so superior in features, but most because it’s coming with Apple brand and iPad device. More, Apple uses a right and clever marketing strategy. Meanwhile Jolicloud OS doesn’t have big applause from folks although I think it’s a great innovation with no pop-up, no waiting OS. So, how is about Google Chrome OS? Comes along with big brand Google (equal to Apple) which is success with its Android mobile OS and offering a no waiting, like a wind blow web browser based on its Chrome web browser experiences, it’s a combination between Apple iOS and Jolicloud aspects. logically the Google Chrome OS will bang the market in big hit.

Now the Cr-48 notebook appears in front of us to representative what Google Chrome OS can do in so-so design. Using a no branding device I think it’s a first big mistake from Google. Did Google count about Hello effect? Even though it is used only for pilot program, but the brand image of its Chrome OS will spread over along with this device. It’s better in my opinion, Google uses a middle-top notebook like Acer Iconia, or Dell Inspiron Duo rather than this cr-48 notebook. It’s only my opinion lets skip it, ok. On Cr-48 notebook, the Chrome OS only need 10 seconds in booting and instantly resume from sleep mode (it’s what the Google said). Actually I can describe it detailly as I didn’t receive a Cr-48 notebook on hands.

In addition, Google Cr-48 notebook features a built-in Wi-Fi, 3G, a 12-inch LCD display, full-size keyboard, oversized touchpad, and only 3.8 pounds weight. The battery stands for eight hours of active usage and a week of standby time in full charge. If we look closely the Google Cr-48 notebook is not far from Jolibook netbook.

At this condition, Google Chrome OS is not yet ready for the real fight. No one will discuss this OS for the next minutes, next weeks until the agreement with top brand computer company such as Acer, Asus, and others has achieved. [Dandy Gadget Source]