Google Glass 2 will continue its journey, CES 2016?

Hi, how are you today, Google Glass? Although there are no clear clues yet about the continuation of this dandy gadget, through the official site Google still cares much of it. The front page of the site says “The journey doesn’t end here”. It has meaning that the company is seriously working on to create a better version of this gadget, Google Glass 2.

Google Glass 2 BackSo, what does the new version look like? Is it more stylish or uglier? Well, you can judge for yourself through the image of the registered patent above. As to me, it’s uglier than the previous version. It seems the company is trying to make this version of glass has more flexible temple that can be bent according to the shape of the head of its user. With temple tips doesn’t only depend on ear, but also on head, it will cling perfectly onto, not easy to slip.

Besides the flexible temple, this new gadget likely will come in more rugged design and better parts inside; better processor, better lens, and updated software. Surely, those guarantee high user experience in exploring your field at work.

The release date and pricing
There is no information yet, about when Google Glass 2 will hit market and how much it will cost you. However, at CES 2016 you probably can dig deeper around it.
Will the journey continue?