Google Music Says Let’s Listen to Music on Google!

The time has come, a time when you can listen, share, and download music on Google. Google Music is already here for you, providing millions songs to be downloaded into your Android devices in free and paid option.

Do you know what I think about Google Music? Google Music is a greatest moment in Android history. It’s a big step to fly the Android to next level of competition. It just likes adding ears to Android robot to become more life than before and closer to its final form for creating a complete entertaiment to its supporters.

Is Google Music like iTunes on Apple? Well, yes, but more than that, it seems combining the iTunes and iCloud service at one place. With Google Music in your Android, Google provides you with Google Music library that could store up to 20,000 songs on the cloud with no charge. It’s safer and also save your offline storage space, giving you more chance to keep your other things you love on your device. However, if you prefer offline, you could place your favorite songs to your Android devices. Plus, you can share your favorite songs with your friends through Google+.

It’s a cool service, are you interested? You just need to have a visit to Android Market and install Google Music apps into your Android. Then you must move your home to United State of America territory. I don’t kid you, because right now this service is only available for American.

However, I have faith when Google said, “let’s listen to music on Google” is not only for American, it’s for the world. Probably in Q2 2012, after received long feedback from Android supporters, and critics from rival supporters, Google Music will be globally ready. You are waiting, I’m waiting, the whole world is waiting. [Dandy Gadget Source]