Canon XH G1S HDV Pro Camcorder, $3000 Jump Price?

With $3000 jump price from the XH A1s to this Canon XH G1s, it’s surprised me much as this new prosumer camcorder comes with the same specs of the HX A1S. Both camcorders depends on a genuine Canon 20x HD Video lens with professional L-Series Fluorite, three 1/3-inch Native 16:9 CCD image sensors with 1.67 MP (1440 x 1080), DIGIC DV II HD image sensor and other features to achieve high performance and high quality recorded image or video. The only main differences of them are the including of HD-/SD-SDI out, Genlock in, and Timecode in & out.

So, there is only one question now. Is this camcorder ¬†worthy enough of having $3000 jump price for just that? Some said for long investment that jump price is fair enough. But not less who said it’s unnecessary price tag, even the HD-SDI output could deliver an uncompressed 1.485Gbps digital signal, but practically, we don’t always use it in real field and more, it needs more time and tools to achieve the final result.

Whether you like it or not, the XH G1s is the only pro camcorder at market that adding HD-SDI/SD-SDI out, Genlock in with Timecode in & out. As I said it has $3000 jump price, it’s available now at MSRP $6,999.99.