Here I Am, Sorry a Little Late, Said New Panasonic Smartphone

It has been a long time since 2005, Panasonic did not reveal any new overseas Smartphone. It concentrated in Japanese domestic market. As Toshinori Hoshi, head of Panasonic’s mobile phone business, it happened because they did a wrong prediction on upcoming trend in the past. Now, Panasonic will pay its past debt by unveiling a new Smartphone for European market in March 2012 as its first payment.

This new Smartphone, according to reported, is powered by Android OS and having a 4.3-inch multi-touch screen with rugged profile: waterproof and dustproof. Based on the leaked image, it comes with Japanese style, bold and clean in D-shape. It seems like a part of Sony S2 tablet to me.

Welcome back, Panasonic, to Smartphone world, we miss you! A little late is ok, not even Steve Job or Bill gate predicted Android OS would become a giant monster like this now, creating a wide-smooth road to guide any manufacturer to enter Smartphone and tablet world. [Dandy Gadget Source]