Hitachi Offering Nine New LCD Projectors

Well, maybe Hitachi will close this year with hoping a good fortune next year. The company is going to launching nine projectors in early next year. The projectors is classified in three models: Hall/conference model, classroom/small conference model and mobile model. All projectors are fashioned in white color with elegant design.

The strongest model among others, Hall model is membering two projectors: CP-WX4021NJ and CP-X4021NJ which are featuring 4000 lumens and 4.6kg mass. Meanwhile the classroom model has three projectors: CPW3011NJ, CPX3011NJ, and CP-X2511NJ which are having 2700 to 3000 lumens and about 3.5kg mass. Both hall and classroom model is equipped a microphone jack, loud speakers, a built-in speaker, wired LAN and USB interface.

Among other models, the mobile model is the lightest and smallest, so you can easier to pick this thing up. Four projectors: CPX9J, CPWX8J, CPX8J, and CP-RX82J are in this model and having only 2200 to 3200 lumens with 2.2kg mass. Despite its small size, the projectors feature an enhanced exhaust system, One-Touch “button” (temporary turn off the video), and a unique filters.

As I said in early, Hitachi will launch the nine new projector in January 2011 with no pricing yet. Surely in Japan market, follow maybe in US or UK? Maybe also the gadgets will show its face in CES 2011 (this is unconfirmed information). [Dandy Gadget Source]